Tchaikovsky Symphonies 4,5 6
Dir. Antonio Pappano
Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di santa Cecilia
Ascolta: Sinf.n°4 || Tempo

W.A. Mozart Bassoon Concert k191
Sinfonia Concertante k2976
Orchestra da camera di Mantova
Fagotto: Francesco Bossone
Ascolta: | Tempo

Bartok Concerto for Orchestra
Divertimento for Strings
Dir. Daniele Gatti
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Ascolta: Gioco delle coppie
(1°Fagotto F.Bossone)

Gershwin - Morricone - Rota and others
Great Movie Classics I Cameristi di roma
Ascolta: Nino Rota nel cinema

W.A. Mozart Quintetto k.452
M. Glinka Trio Pathètique V. Rieti
Mer - Images - Prelude à l'apress midi d'un faune
"Silographie" R. Gervasio
Quintetto Secondo Ensemble Glazio di Roma

Gaetano Donizetti
Chamber Works
Polimnia Ensemble
   Ascolta :Trio Larghetto
   Ascolta :Trio Allegro

Salieri - Sacchini Mayr - Rossini
I Cameristi di Roma
   Ascolta: Rossini G.- Quartetto per Flauto, Clarinetto, Corno e Fagotto
   Ascolta: Rossini G.- Sinfonia del Barbiere di Siviglia

Caikovskij - Glinka Glazunov - Blakirev - Borodin
Tribute to Russian Chamber
Polimnia Ensemble
   Ascolta: Glinka Settimo - || tempo

J.S. Bach
L'arte della fuga bwv 1080

Ensemble L'arte della fuga 2 vol.



If music is a matter of
family -: in the orchestraof Valentina Pavesi

"... As for the" Rite of Spring "by Igor Stravinsky I must say that Maazel's interpretation seemed to me that one of the nicest I've ever heard ... After the thin stream of exhaled by the bassoon melody overload in the register (difficult, but he succeeded Francesco Bossone beautifully) ... "
Teodoro Celli – IL MESSAGGERO – 21 maggio 1985

"... It was a pastoral tool ... Fiat leading symphony orchestra of Santa Cecilia ... Beautiful opportunity to highlight the" sacred fire "and the talent of Francesco Bossone, inimitable instrumentalist bundle ..."
Mya Tannenbaum - Daily Telegraph - January 3, 1989

"... Flexibility ... The Miracle of participating in the bundle of Bossone romance ..."
Mya Tannenbaum – Daily Telegraph – 10 January 1994

"... The value of Francesco Bossone bassoonist of round sound, healthy, fresh and bright, snappy, edgy, funny or lithe, according to the page author to interpret ..."
Renzo Bonvicini - TIME - March 25, 1994

"... Francesco Bossone, before the orchestra of Santa Cecilia has long appreciated, with long experience as a soloist and orchestra ... The bassoon dialogue with authorities and agility ..."
Landa-Ketoff REPUBLIC - April 16, 1994

"... The bundle of Francesco Bossone braided with ease and fluency the clever musical dialogue ..."
Alessandra Fiore - L'Osservatore Romano - October 6, 1994

"... Distinguished soloist of great value and experience ..."
Renzo Bonvicini - TIME - October 6, 1994

"... acclaimed for the sound developed ..."
CENTURY ITALY - October 8, 1994

"Mozart was a perfect ... ... graceful, but painful, drawn to shine as a collector's item. Cantabile, sweet, throbbing ... A beauty. Being involved in the interpretation pleasure, emotion, is a very rare thing ... "
Mya Tannenbaum – Daily Telegraph – 22 november 1997

"... Francesco Bossone has" signed "a dialogue translucent, rich timbre varied game of"head "catchy, relaxing rhythms ..."
Renzo Bonvicini - TIME - November 24, 1997

"... Noting the significant value of timbre and virtuoso Francesco Bossone .."
Renzo Bonvicini - TIME - December 20, 1997

"... Bassoon Concerto K 191, by an unexpected poetry where Francesco Bossone was able to bend (especially nell'Adagio) the needs of those virtuoso interpreter, giving an Apollonian reading of Mozart's page ..."
Elena Filini - THE GAZZETTINO TREVISO - February 18, 2003

"... wonderful interpretation ... The virtuosity of the soloist creates a harmony of sensual design ... The superlative solo bassoon, which honors the best Italian tradition and unmatched in terms of sound quality and technical mastery ..."
Andrea Zaniboni - JOURNAL OF MANTUA - March 20, 2003

"... Flashes of light the 700 Bibiena Bossone dominates the scene ... ... It is beautifully appropriate spaces of Mozart's solo concert and held a dialogue with equal skill ... in a convincing performance of the Sinfonia Concertante W. A. Mozart K 297b ... "
Guido Mario Pavesi - THE VOICE OF MANTUA - February 16, 2003

"... The bassoon Francesco Bossone has shown great experience, excellent technique and musicality in itself as a soloist in concert for Bassoon and Orchestra by W. A. Mozart K 191 ... "
Roberto Chittolini - JOURNAL OF MANTUA - February 21, 2003

"... The bundle of Francesco Bossone grouch and chatty in a drawing-room concert of Carl Maria von Weber for season Orchestra dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia ..."
Lorenzo Tozzi - TIME - February 16, 2004

"... Mr. K, or a Mozart catalog, under the K Festival of the Academy of Santa Cecilia ... The page most convincing was the Bassoon Concerto K 191, thanks also to the very talented Francesco Bossone, principal bassoon of 'Orchestra Cecilian ... "
Arrigo Quattrocchi - THE MANIFESTO - October 5, 2004

“ … Non tralasceremo di tessere un elogio al virtuosismo e all’eleganza del Bossone nel concerto K 191 di Mozart …”
Henry Cavallotti - TIME - 1st January 2004 "... without reservation ... The admirable clarity and a smooth sculpted virtuosity ..."
Guido Maria Pavesi - JOURNAL OF MANTUA - October 29, 2007

"... The bassoon player ever thanks to a superb Francesco Bossone investigator of the most fascinating expressiveness of the instrument ..."
Guido Mario Pavesi - JOURNAL OF MANTUA - October 31, 2007

"... was an honor and a privilege for the merged in crowded public hall to listen to a wonderful musician of international renown who undertook his bassoon in the concert of Wolf-Ferrari, performed with lyricism and vibrancy that the piece requires ... an evening of great music and stunning success ... "
Roberto Chittolini - THE VOICE OF MANTUA - November 2, 2007

"... Francesco Bossone has been a sound core in multiple tones and well blended in the dialogue with the orchestra for a very happy outcome and appreciated ... "
Guido Maria Pavesi. JOURNAL OF MANTUA - February 28, 2009

"... It should be highlighted in the participation of a musician of great renown and great value which is the bassoonist Francesco Bossone, soloist in the great concert for bassoon and orchestra by Nino Rota: the rarity combined with the enjoyment of the piece, even in its modern plant basically tonal and formal tripartite structure, excellent virtuoso Francesco Bossone have made it the highlight of the evening ... "
Roberto Chittolini - THE VOICE OF MANTUA - December 10, 2010